Unproductive Weeks

Five weeks of beginning 2021 was over. On the very first day of the year, I created a bucket of accomplishments that I want to cross out before another year began. Very full spirits in the first two weeks weren’t able to drag me for being consistent for the last weeks. I laid back before I reached the 21 days habit formation.

What did I do? Almost nothing. Every day, I need to push myself to wake up from 9-5 to complete the work tasks. Honestly, I didn’t do the work wholeheartedly. Just waking up and finishing the task without learning new things, which now I start regretting. But lucky, all the sprint backlogs were still well managed and sprint review was praised as usual. After working, I almost did nothing except surfing on the internet, scrolling social media and watching movies (which actually not interested in but just to kill the time until fall asleep). I didn’t even cook or eat a proper meal. Thanks to cans of corn, frozen beans, and Indomie, I am still alive. I didn’t read anything, didn’t even meet friends, not going outside except for recycling or mandatory visit. For almost 24hours I stayed in my room. When lying on the bed with my sore body and hunger in the middle of the night, I was sometimes thinking, I can’t do this bad habit anymore, I need to change, but first, let’s sleep. Hoping, tomorrow I will wake up with full of excitements to start a great day. It’s been 2,5 years away, maybe I should go home.

Winter, 2021


2 thoughts on “Unproductive Weeks

  1. At least you already have a lot of day streaks in Duolingo!
    I also feel like that this week
    Let’s start to track our book reading again and learning for interviews ahead 😁
    We’re always waiting you in Indo 😊


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